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Preston Randolph

Few individuals have an understanding, appreciation and passion toward filmmaking than Preston Randolph. During his youth, Preston was exposed to the great works of art in Film by his dad, Steve Randolph. The classic films that formed the modern industry were responsible for his aspiration toward the business. His films have been shown across the country in several different film festivals and Preston is the only person ever to win Best Picture at the NCHS Wyoming State Film Festival three consecutive years. Besides filmmaking, Preston has a second love for history and many of his films are based on historical events and true stories. He is devoted to open eyes and to expose truth and new perspective on controversial issues. He brings people out of their shell and preaches the concept to question the norm and find truth in issues other people take for granted


Preston Randolph chose the name Cactus Productions on behalf of his grandpa Russell Randolph who was a Marine in WWII. During the war Russell was given the nickname Cactus Randolph. Russell was also a cowboy which is the reason for the cowboy hat on top of the cactus in the logo


The success of Cactus Productions as any production company, relies on its production crew. The passionate and talented crew is led by a very visual and enthusiastic, Preston Randolph. He has been involved in film production for over 6 years and has assembled a crew ranging from filmmakers who have worked on Academy Award winning productions, to Emmy and Grammy winning artists. Preston Randolph produces films that inspire, educate and bring new perspective on controversial issues, new light on historical events, and dramatic reality of the real world.


Alongside his filmmaking career, Randolph dedicates the remainder of his time in being a political activist for social justice and volunteering his time in helping those in need. He has organized an annual charity drive for the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

RV: When did you first begin your interest in film making and what documentaries have you produced?

Preston: I have been interested in producing films since I was very young. I grew up watching great films and having the freedom to go out and experiment with an old video camera my dad had. We lived in the mountains of Montana, so I was able to walk the hills with a camera catching glimpses of wildlife and nature, and get a since of absolute freedom. It was during this time that my interest in film became more of an obsession and today that obsession continues to grow. My dad and grandpa were historians who gave me the chance to learn of the very important past, especially the stories of the Native American. That environment, merged with my passion for social justice and human rights led me to the story of Leonard Peltier.


I have been in production on “Wind Chases the Sun: The Leonard Peltier Story” for a year and am in the later stages of pre-production at this point. The amount of research my crew and I are doing is immense and we feel that the film we are producing will be a key to exposing Leonard Peltier’s case and eventually bringing him home.

Once production and post-production is complete, “Wind Chases the Sun” will be exposed through the film festival market as well as seeking theatrical and DVD distribution.


This is a chance to take part in a very meaningful film for social change and political justice for the American Indian and all those who are oppressed through injustice.


RV: Which documentary have you produced holds a special significance/meaning to you personally?

Preston: My current film, “Wind Chases the Sun” means the most to me. The past year I have grown very close to this case and I recently had the opportunity to spend time with Leonard Peltier. Since then, this production has become more of a mission. My life now revolves around the case and this film. I have started relief drives for the Pine Ridge Reservation and that will be a major part of this film’s production. Everything we do is to help Leonard Peltier and all the indigenous that are continued to be mistreated in this Country. I truly cannot express in words what this case means to me. It is the most important aspect of my life and I intend to fight for Leonard Peltier’s freedom, until he is home with his family.


Leonard Peltier is in full support of this production and is very hopeful that what we expose will give him his freedom.


RV: How do you fund your documentaries and what is involved in producing a film?

Preston: Producing a film is a long and stressful process, but when your vision is finally finished it is all worth it. In my case, I write, direct and produce so I have the opportunity to see my films unfold in front of me. There is something special being able to see something you have spent years trying to produce, come together. As an independent producer, I take the film from the first step to the last. At this point in my production of “Wind Chases the Sun”, I am organizing a production team, researching and making connections to the subject, and of course raising funds so the production will be made possible.


My films are funded by private investors and donations from individuals that feel passionate to the film’s meaning. “Wind Chases the Sun” is telling the story of Native American, Leonard Peltier and the atrocities on the Pine Ridge Reservation that happened during the “Reign of Terror” as well as what is happening today. This story needs to be told so the masses can stand up and make a change to this very dark part of American History.


Pre-Production funds for “Wind Chases the Sun” are currently being collected and I encourage anyone who feels passionate for the story of Leonard Peltier or the plight of the Native American, to donate to this very meaningful film. Without the support of all those who want justice in this case, this film will not be made possible. Donations can be sent to Cactus Productions, P.O. Box 2046, Cody, WY 82414. With the donation, please include your name and contact information so the proper credits can be distributed at the end of the film for those who donate.


We are seeking early production funding over the kickstarter website. I cannot express how important this early funding is. This is a great way for people to help out Leonard Peltier. Attached is a photo of the note Leonard gave to me a few weeks ago.


The $30,000 raised from kickstarter.com will be used in several different areas of pre-production. The $30,000 will supply the research team with travel expenses and research fees so every document connected to the Peltier case can be scanned and placed on an archival hard drive. The first recording sessions for the soundtrack will be paid for. The legal expenses for the film will be paid for. The production crew will also be able to produce a very professional pitch trailer so they can pursue potential investors to fund the remaining budget of the film.

RV: I understand that you are making a film about Leonard Peltier. What are your hopes for this documentary?

Preston: The goal of this production is to expose the case of Leonard Peltier and the atrocities on the reservations to the masses. I feel that if the people know about this case, then they will see the injustice and stand up for what is right and what is needed. My goal is that this film will bring so much exposure to the case that in time Leonard Peltier will be free.


The hope and goals of this production have been the same since day one. We are fighting to free Leonard Peltier and until that day we will have not succeeded.

RV:  I read an article that you wrote and the attention that Haiti received during the earthquake. I agree that help was desperately called for but at the same time it boggles my mind that a crisis is going at a lot of the reservations with addiction, violence, and poverty. Is it just not news? Why is this information not making national headlines in your opinion?

Preston: I feel that these issues should be on the front page of every newspaper and the headline of every news station, but they are not. In my opinion, the people are just not aware of these issues and that includes the news networks. In all truth, the US Government does not want this information exposed, and because of this, it is a continued genocide of the American indigenous. I feel if news networks would cover these issues, then people would be educated on these atrocities and changes would occur. We just have to have a spark to ignite that fire and I feel that this film will be that spark.

RV: Can you please share with us your heritage and compassion and what would you say inspires and motivates you?

Preston: I was raised in Montana, but have lived in several states across the country, including my home state of Arizona. My production company, Cactus Productions, is named after my grandpa, Russell Randolph, who was raised through the Great Depression, was a Marine in WWII, and a cowboy when he returned home from the war.


At this point, I am mostly motivated and inspired by the subject matter of “Wind Chases the Sun”. In the film business, especially the independent film world, you are always hitting walls. To have a successful project you must fight through those barriers and continue. With this production especially, when obstacles come in the way, or when I am extremely stressed I think of what this entire production is about. I think about the living hell Leonard Peltier has gone through every day for 34 years. Thinking of that motivates me to move on.


Just the thought that an innocent man imprisoned because of political injustice makes me work even harder and more efficient to get this film out and help him once again be free. It has to happen, and the time is now. This production is a failure until Leonard Peltier is home with his family.

I would like to thank Preston and wish the film much success. To bringing to light Leonard’s continued plight and fight for justice. Thank you Preston.

Please visit Cactus Productions to learn more of Wind Chases the Sun or visit the official MySpace Fan Page by clicking here.

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