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RV: What is your outlook on life and what motivates and encourages you?

Jonathan: hmm well life in general is a wonderful gift given to us by Creator. How we embrace our lives and what we do with it comes from our hopes, dreams and the courage to walk the road less traveled. My motivation comes from the Sweat lodge and those that encourage us in there. The one thing that has been said in those lodges and has been consistent is "Try Hard!" that goes for everything in life. I use to have that written everywhere to push me harder in life but now it is in everything I do.









One of Jonathan’s Performances in Apocalypto

RV: You clearly have a passion to perform. Where does this compassion to perform come from?

Jonathan: My passion to perform is exactly that, Passion. When you love to do something you will do what ever it takes to make that dream come true.






RV: What projects are you presently involved in? 
Jonathan: I took time off from acting to raise my Daughter because I did not want to miss her first “everythings”.  Now that I am acting again I recently completed a film called Western Confidential filmed near Calgary, Alberta. Other than that I have been doing auditions and getting back into the flow of the movie industry.









It’s very exciting to see Jonathan returning to the silver screen. His role in any performance is certain to be a success. Thank you Jonathan for the honor of speaking with you. Please visit Jonathan’s My Space account by “clicking here











Jonathan Brewer, better known as Blunted in Mel Gibson’s production of Apocalypto, is a soft spoken father of four who has had supporting roles in DreamKeeper, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and Journey to the Center of the Earth (TV). Jonathan’s work on Apocalypto was a superb demonstration of Jonathan’s talents that resulted  in an influential performance which contributed to the films success.







Jonathan is a resident of Lethbridge, Canada who enjoys camping, dancing, playing pool but most importantly spending time with his family and friends. Jonathan’s heroes are Rufus Good Striker (well-known medicine man), his parents and elders. Jonathan’s message to the world is to “listen with your heart not with JUST your ears. If you listen with your heart you will hear the message and understand it better. If you listen with JUST your ears you will miss the true meaning of what is being told."





Jonathan and his fellow cast members spent 9 months filming Apocalypto.  Not only did Jonathan and the cast have to remember their parts while filming but also had to speak their parts in Mayan. "(Learning) the Myan language was an all day Thing, everyday. When we were eating, we were eating with our lines. When we were sleeping, we were dreaming about our lines. It was intense," he says. Jonathan is a natural when it comes to his acting talents. Jonathan appears to be well seasoned and is excited about taking on new challenges.  


RV: I saw a photo of you wearing a traditional dancing outfit. Little is known publicly about your skills as a dancer. Could you please tell me how long you’ve been dancing and who taught you?

Jonathan: I have been dancing Men's Traditional since I was 19 years old and have traveled many places to dance. I have made my own outfits until recently when I have little or no time to sew or bead. I was self taught by videos but my father would correct me when he saw a dance move he did not like and I would correct it or not do it at all anymore. My Uncle and my older brother were my inspirations to dance but my love for dance grew as time went on.