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RV: What projects are you currently working on and what do you enjoy doing when you aren’t composing music?

Chris: We are not working on any new CDs right now.  Since signing with Spirit Wind Records in August of last year and releasing “Unbound”, my plan for 2010 is to get out and promote my music. This is something I have not done much of until this year. I am talking with some musicians right now about getting a set of songs together to play some festival, gatherings, and colleges lined up by Donald Blackfox through Raven Hawk Productions. If all works out we will be doing some gigs this spring, summer and into the fall.


For a couple of years, now Brad and I have been composing scores for independent films and documentaries under the name CutshawKane.  We have been keeping busy lately with some interesting film projects. The rest of my time is spent hanging out with my wife and kids, listening to music of course, watching movies, reading, hiking, bike riding, swimming, anything fun and relaxing. I also like learning about and looking for different types of world music instruments and am always struggling to control my obsession with wanting to buy a new flute or hoop drum… all of the different makers, tones, keys, woods, the woodwork, the art of it. Anyone that plays Native American flute I am sure understands this addiction.


RV: Please share anything that you would like to add that I haven’t asked. Thank you Chris for providing your time and for allowing me the honor to interview you for Native Digest  

Chris: There are two things I want to do through my music. I want the listener to hear past the notes and rhythms, I want them to connect emotionally to something that is not quit tangible in this world. I want the music and words to draw them closer to themselves, to creation and to The Creator.  Secondly, which I have said before, I write these songs to honor and respect the Principle People of this land, those who walked the Red Road long ago and those who long to walk it now.   


I would like to thank Chris for the honor of finding time to talk with Native Digest. Please visit Chris’s website at www.chrisferree.com You can also preview more of Chris’s music or purchase them at cdbaby.com by clicking here. Thanks again Chris. I wish you continued success with your music, career and journey in life.


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RV: I would like to quote lyrics that you wrote for your song “Whisper in the Wind” from your Overflow CD.


I'm the whisper in the wind
I'm the morning fog
I'm the light behind the shadows
I'm the writing on the wall
I'm your passion and desire
Your hope and sympathy
I am the Great Mystery
That run through everything

I'm your shelter in the storm
I'm the song you sing
I'm the thunder in the distance
I'm the falling rain
I'm the changing of the seasons
I am peace, I am wisdom
I am your understanding
When the veil is lifted

I am the moon and the stars
And all the space between
I'm a new born baby's smile
I'm the crashing of the waves
I am the outstretched hand
I am spirit, I am truth
I am the forgiveness and love
That lives inside of you


I am truly inspired by your words and the essence of what you are conveying through your music.  Whisper in the Wind among your other writes, are truly words of belief and hope.  Where does your inspiration for these great passages illuminate from?

Chris: I have been writing since I was 13 or 14 years old, longer than I have been playing music.  I have written poetry, song lyrics, and short stories off and on for years. There are two ways I write, one is sitting down and trying to craft a song about something or someone, which I have done. Some of these songs I have tried to write, I have been satisfied with and even recorded through the years.  The other way I write is easier.  I sit down and the words just flow.  Not always, but often, writing is a kind of spiritual expression. The songs in which I have a more personal connection to seem come from a deeper place. These songs, like “Whisper in the Wind”, seem to write themselves. I am not really sure how to explain this except it feels like The Great Spirit expressing or impressing these thoughts through me. The songs from my last three CDs, both with lyrics and instrumental are based on historical events I have read about, documentaries I have seen, other writings that have inspired me, my wife and kids, and my own personal and spiritual experiences.


RV: “Chris’s second Native American offering Overflow is a spiritually charged outpouring intended to at once lift the spirit and calm the soul, a fusion of sounds and influences breathed in over the years and released like a flood, full of power and passion”. Chris could you please describe to us your compassion and what you enjoy the most about creating music?

Chris: I have always tried to write music that emotionally matches what I think the lyrics are trying


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